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The Pmweb's mission is to connect brands and customers through marketing and data technology. We develop solutions to optimize online business of great companies, building a relationship between company and consumer.

We offer solutions in marketing automation, CRM, booking engine and Strategic Services, with two business units: marketing cloud and hospitality, being a leader in these segments in Brazil. We also invested in the most innovative technologies in the market in order to create online campaigns and personalized relationship programs to impact consumers automatically, individualized and scale. All this going thru the customer's life cycle.

Two automation marketing platforms are included in the scope of Pmweb: Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite, a leading solution in the world in cross-channel marketing with several applications for creating, implementing, optimizing and managing marketing campaigns online through the main interactive channels: email marketing, mobile, social media, display and web; and Eloqua, the leading platform in the world in lead nurturing, to automate, organize and manage marketing activities, generating leads and real opportunities, synchronizing sales and marketing teams. All this tailored by the needs of each company.

Since ‘96 we're rockin.

Tárik Potthoff started working in this market as a web developer in 1996, aged 17, when internet was in its early stages. It was the moment in time when Google was starting and nobody could exactly predict how social media would influence behaviors.

After 19 years in the market,

Tárik is the CEO and founder of Pmweb, leading a team of more than 100 people. Pmweb is a company specialized in online campaigns management and creating solutions to drive customer revenue. Over time, all the work has ensured 26 statuettes of Adrian Awards, known as the Oscar in the tourism sector. The awards are the result of campaigns to hotels and resorts, a segment that was catered exclusively until 2012, when have already conquered almost all this market. This same year, Pmweb had part of its shares acquired by Responsys INC., a North American company of cross-channel marketing.

Being at the right place at the right time with the right message? Well…

In December 2013, Oracle bought Responsys INC. and automatically absorbed the percentage of the company in business. Since then, Pmweb have the Oracle as a partner - one of the most important technology companies in the world, valued at U$ 185 billion.

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Pmweb e Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite em São Paulo
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Pmweb e Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite em Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre Av. Carlos Gomes, 700 - 14º  Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil CEP 90480-000 +55 51 3393 8000 How to find us

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