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Viajanet changed their e-mail marketing strategy and started focusing on the lifecycle of their customer.


Focusing on lifecycle strategies ensures better results.

From the beginning Viajanet has been using e-mail marketing as its main communication channel with its customers. They needed Return Path´s certification to achieve better results on their digital campaigns. This certification certifies that the customer is receiving an e-mail from senders with a good reputation which in turn increases the deliverability rate.

The e-mail quality increased, but the e-mail amount sent was too large and its performance not always satisfactory. They needed to improve content quality to send the right message to the right customer, at the right moment. By identifying this challenge, they implemented more focused strategies, being more significant and relevant to the customer's lifecycle.


Analyzing Viajanet's customer lifecycle, we could observe the main points of contact and define the messages to be sent on each step of the process. From that analysis relationship rules programs were created.. The strategy for the development of those rules considered historical data, customer behavior and transactional information. Therefore, each e-mail contains relevant information for each client, keeping the communication always interesting.


New relationship rules reduced the amount of e-mails sent, the number of unsubscribed customers and even increased the revenue and conversion rate.

revenue increase through segmented and orchestrated e-mails.

reduction in customers opting-out.

And the best result was an increase of
e-mail revenue, confirming the saying that "less is more" even in digital marketing.