Work your data and increase your revenue.

Our expertise allow us to extract, transform and load the data in an easy and organized way, providing all the available information to orchestrate your campaigns.

Customized campaigns

Use browser history, purchase history, purchase potential and customer preferences to personalize your campaigns. Send accurate messages according to each customer lifecycle.

Faça campanhas personalizadas para seus clientes Faça campanhas personalizadas para seus clientes

Native Integrations

We offer native integrations with different systems to deliver more possibilities for your strategies.

Integração com Chaordic

Dynamic and accurate content with customized recommendations in generic e-mails, by product, customer and more.

Integração com Vtex

Integrate all the historical data and use this information to improve your strategy.

Integração com Oracle ATG

Innovate on time, follow the market changes and expand your business easily and fast.

This is what we can do for you.

We know how to integrate data in an automated and easy way.

Extract, Transform & Load


Extract, Transform & Load

We can extract analytical data from heterogeneous sources, consolidate and transform it into organized information with relevant segmentations available on the platform, making your team´s day to day easier and allowing them to create complex lifecycle actions.

Recência, Frequência e Valor


Recency, Frequency & Value

Segment your customers using information from your database and create relationship rules based on browser history, average purchase and purchase frequency. Be relevant to be interesting.

Avaliação, Monitoramento e Análise


Initial Database Analysis.

Constant data integration monitoring.
Qualitative analysis to identify distortions.