Lead Nurturing

Automate, organize and manage your marketing actions, creating leads and real opportunities for your sales teams.

Ferramenta geração de leads e conversões

Maximize your marketing and sales actions efficiency with Eloqua, world leader in marketing automation. Build and manage your own database to orchestrate efficient campaigns, prioritizing the more relevant leads, providing important information to your sales team and measuring the marketing impact on your business, all in one single product.

Inside the platform.

Interact Campaign

Reduce spreadsheets, increase your autonomy and results

Increase your marketing actions performance by automating, orchestrating and managing your efforts and channels in one single environment. Optimization of your team's time and clever definition of priorities for your sales team are also Eloqua's differentials.
Interact Program

Everything about your customer, your way

Explore the most relevant informations about your customers in one single vision, integrated to your CRM system. Know the navegation data and learn how your customer behave when visiting your website or receiving your e-mails, and you can also add external events data.
Interact Insight

Be assertive in your comercial strategies

Optimize your sales power giving priority to the stronger opportunities, using the now available customer profile and interactions ranking and prospects information.

  • - Improve your campaign's conversion rate
  • - Close more deals, increasing your sales efficiency
  • - Build a revenue pipeline
Interact Connect

Sales and marketing teams working together for the same results

Be able to develop the content that your sales teams will use fast and with full autonomy, improving the communication between them and your customers and prospects.
Interact API

Integrated reports with the most relevant information

Measure the outcome and refuel your marketing actions with accurate results and performance information using the consolidated reports with your sales teams.
Ferramenta para segmentar consumidores

Relevance + Conversion = Revenue

Create customer segments for your campaigns based on website's data navegation, e-mail answers and forms. Filter your contacts based on any field, you can choose contact, profile, behavior or score, fast and accurate.

Give your sales team a 360º view of prospect and customers, integrated with CRM, providing detailed profiles and behavior in the marketing channels. Receive alerts when specific contacts access your website or interact with your e-mails.

Ferramenta integração CRM

Be IT's best friend. Without hard work.

Enrich your database with updated information from your CRM or another source, using powerful resources for treatment, regularization and data cleansing. Work with up to 250 personalized fields to fulfill your needs and create marketing actions in real time.

Native integration with Salesforce.com, Oracle On-demand, Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics.

Ferramenta automatização campanhas e-mail

The right message. At the right place. At the right time.

Automatize e-mail marketing campaigns, demand or content generation with only few clicks or drag-n-drop interface. Have autonomy to create your own e-mails, landing pages and forms including customized fields based on customer profile or activity.

Orchestrate highly segmented communications based on your customer life-cycle, with customized messages relevant to your audience. Estabilish a rich relationship channel easily.

Ferramenta geração de leads

Leads management. Revenue performance.

Transform your marketing and sales approach with the smartest technology in leads management. Qualify and keep your leads engaged with relevant and consistent communication.

Automatically Classify your hottest leads using your customer profile and engagement data. Send only the best opportunities to your sales teams, using the integration with your CRM system, according to region, industry, preferences or any other business rule that you choose.

How our marketing automation solutions can help your business?

Our marketing automation platforms are complementary to each other. Check the table below to understand how they can help your team to improve their results.

Lead Nurturing – Eloqua Cross Channel Lifecycle Marketing - Responsys
Objetive Marketing B2B Marketing B2C
User Sales Teams E-commerce and CRM
Target Buyer End consumer
Buyer’s Decision Cicle Long Short
Personalization One-to-one Scale individualization
Sales Team Engagement in the purchase process High Low
Rebuy Long Term Short Term
Primary type of use Lead’s qualification Relationship
Integrations CRM + Salesforce Automation (SFA) CRM + E-commerce+ Web Analytics