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Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite.

Build a true relationship with your customers using customized and relevant cross-channel messages.

Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite

Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite is the world leader solution in Cross-Channel Lifecycle Marketing that has integrated applications to project, define, execute, manage and refine your campaigns in the main digital channels: e-mail marketing, mobile, social media, display and web.

With it, your customers will be more engaged and buying your products through the different lifecycle stages, obtaining the biggest return on investment with the most technological solution in the world.

Inside the platform.

Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite provides a powerful and intelligent number of applications that will allow the marketing professional to create, execute, optimize and manage marketing lifecycle campaigns through the main interactive channels: e-mail marketing, mobile, social media and web.

It is a software-as-service (SaaS) highly automatized which saves the number of people and resources involved. It was developed based on the most open and flexible platform in the world so you can use your already available database to keep your customers engaged and buying on all the lifecycle stages.

Interact Campaign

Increase your productivity with intuitive and integrated tools.

You will be able to create, segment, test and execute efficiently highly individualized marketing campaigns in big volumes, through the main digital channels.

Quick and assertive segmentation using Filter Designer, which is a drag-and-drop interface. Flexible message customization with a powerful capacity for dynamic content. Simplified control and external content insertion from third parties. Free of errors campaigns are ensured by a large number of tests and monitoring tools in real time. Deep understanding of the message content through overlay reports.

Interact Program

Multi and cross-channel orchestration using a highly scalable execution engine.

Visually design and automate smart and customer centered marketing actions to obtain more relevant, profitable and successful interactions.

Fast results through templates using the best practices per industry. Efficient program design based on events and dialogues with a simple rule definition with reusable components. Error free execution though integrated validation tools. Visually improved analysis with program monitoring reports in real time.

Interact Insight

More accurate insights with performance reports and trends.

With our powerful and high detailed reports, you will always be aware of the campaigns results which will allow you to evolve your strategies. As an example, you will know which campaign had better results, or which offer had the best performance in a specific segment.

Higher efficiency through configurable dashboards and faster analysis with real time reports. Advanced knowledge with filters, pivot tables and metrics. More data share possibilities using automatic and scheduled reports, also providing flexible export options.

Interact Connect

Effective campaigns using configurable data import controls.

Integrate and automate your company data or CRM information for the creation of interactive marketing programs.

Increase your efficiency using integrated self-service controls. Save time and money with built-in integrations with the main marketing solutions, including web analytics and CRM.

Interact API

Deliver more customized and developed marketing solutions, accessing and controlling the data in a programed way, using functionalities as campaign and content management within Interact Suite. Interact API integrates Interact Suite´s data with external sources to create custom events through personalized triggers, based on the most known protocols - SOAP and XML using the WSDL standard.

The following actions can be executed via API:
- Session Management
- Interact Suite Folders Management
- Content Management, creating or erasing specific documents.
- Programs Management
- Listing and Data Management
- Campaigns Management

Cross-Channel Marketing.

Cross-Channel Marketing.

Ferramenta E-mail Marketing Segmentado


According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) e-mail marketing is the leader channel in ROI generation. Even with other channels growing, it is still in the center of revenue increase in digital marketing strategies. Providing a solution 18 months ahead of our competitors (Forrester Wave Report, 2012) the platform provides everything that you need to obtain the best results with e-mail marketing actions: dynamic content, personalization, segmentation, automation, reports, analysis and much more.

Ferramenta Estratégias Segmentadas Display


Your display strategies will never be the same. Now you can create programs that show your ads online to specific customers, based on the information that you already have about them. Use display to reach non opt-in clients, to regain the trust of customers that are no longer interacting with your brand, and much more, always using dynamic content, high segmentation, automation, reports and analysis.

Ferramenta Envio SMS Automatizado


There are more cell phones than people in Brazil. You will leverage your mobile strategies by sending coordinated, automated and integrated SMS on the cross-channel program.

Ferramenta Campanhas Redes Sociais


The platform provides sharing links, social media exclusive campaigns or with cross-channel integration, as well as totally integrated and highly analytical reports. With Social Data Cloud, you can capture relevant customer information from their social media profile on Facebook, and then segment actions and personalize cross-channel message content by your customer´s interaction with the brand, interests (likes) current location or city and much more.

Ferramenta Coleta Dados na Web


An orchestrated experience starts on the website and goes further. With this platform, the website becomes a tool to capture information and fuel your database, improving the customer experience through different digital channels. You can collect customer's information; interests and desired products based on their online behavior, and then use this data to customize the landing page improving your client´s experience.

Design orchestrating experiences

The secret is to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right moment and pn the right channel. To accomplish this orchestration is much easier using the platform that gathers your database, your message content and your digital channels. Create personalized programs based on timed behavior for each lifecycle stage.

Ferramenta de orquestração de campanhas

Optimize all the steps.

Big players know that they have to test everything. The content, sequence and even the cadency. All these tests can be done automatically without delaying your strategies.

Ferramenta de otimização e testes de campanhas

Control in

Keep the control of what is happening in real time with your programs to know what is working, where the problems are and how to fix them, allowing you to always have new ideas to improve your strategies.

Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite


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